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School Trips




The school has now moved to a new Management Information System and this document outlines our expectations regarding local trips.

Throughout the school year, we take every opportunity we can to educate the children outside the classroom and within the local area of Enfield.

These activities have included swimming, cinema trips, local places of worship, picnics in the park, walks to the post box, walks around the school area looking for key features and trips to other local schools to take part in shared events and sporting fixtures.                                                            

Such activities will normally take place within the school day.  Adequate advance notice will be given, if this is not the case, to allow you to make appropriate arrangements for collection from school. 

All reasonable care will be taken of your child in respect of the activity/visit as would be expected if your child was in the classroom. 

The children will be expected to obey all directions given and observe all rules and regulations governing the visit/activity.  They will be expected to follow the same school rules as they do within the classroom and if they do not, the normal sanctions will be put in place.  

We would endeavour to make sure that all children are included in these local activities and may ask for your support with transport or to accompany your child, particularly if your child would benefit from additional supervision. 

We will always send out information about the event prior to the trip and would ask you to inform us of any medical or physical disabilities that may impact on their attendance or ability to take part.

If your child already has a known medical condition or disability, this will be factored into the risk assessment carried out by the teacher at the planning stage. 

Specific permission will only be sought for any out-of-school activities beyond those outlined above and which could involve commitment to extended journeys or times, expense or adventure activities outside the borough of Enfield or if the use of public transport is required.  

Consent for Local Trips is assumed for all children unless we are informed otherwise by parents.  

If you would like to withdraw your child from these local activities, you will need to put your reasons in writing to the headteacher.

You can email or write a letter and give it to the school office for the headteacher’s attention.

You will then be asked to attend a meeting with a member of the leadership team so that we can better understand your concerns, address them if possible and then put a plan in place for your child for the day of the trip, to ensure that all staff are aware and that alternative arrangements, if possible,  can be made for the learning that they will have missed.

This reminder will be sent to you at the beginning of every school year.