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Pupil Premium

The use of pupil premium and impact on attainment

Pupil Premium funding was introduced in April 2011.  Since then we have ensured that the funding has been used to raise the attainment of our eligible pupils.  We are very proud of our successes in narrowing the gap between those children who recieve the funding and those that do not.

At Suffolks our ultimate aim is to remove this gap all together and to enable our most disadvantaged pupils to achieve the best posssible outcomes.

As we are committed to this aim we regularly undertake a thorough review of this spending.   

You will now be able to read our new 'Pupil Premium Policy' which outlines our rationale for the spending as well as describing the key roles of members of our school community in ensuring that the funding achieves our ultimate aim.

A GUIDE TO PUPIL PREMIUM (A parent's guide) 2019

Click here for our Current Pupil Premium Strategy 2019/20

Click here for our Pupil Premium review of outcomes and spend 2018/19

Click here for Suffolks Pupil Premium Policy 2017

Since 2011 the funding has been used in a variety of ways and has focused on these four aspects

  • Improving attendance
  • Raising standards in reading, writing and maths 
  • Improving behaviour 
  • Improving parental involvement in children's learning