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Resource Base

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Our SLRB provides an intensive learning environment for learners with speech, language and communication needs who may already have Developmental Language Disorder (DLD, formerly known as Specific Language Impairment) or will possibly get a diagnosis of DLD.

It is a part-time provision for children across the borough. The children attend the SLRB for 2 days a week and return to their home-school for the other 3. 

We aim to provide our learners with a toolkit of self-help strategies and support their home-schools and families to provide continued integration and inclusion in class. This is to enable them to smoothly transition back to their home-school full time

If you think your child might be appropriate for, and benefit from, this provision please speak to the SENCO at your child’s home school.

If you have any questions about the SLRB please contact: Jackie Lynch (Resource Base Manager) via the school office.