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At Suffolks, we know and value the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives.  Mathematics is a core subject that underpins many other concepts across the curriculum.  We want to promote a love of mathematics where children see the true benefit of being fluent in the fundamentals, being able to reason mathematically and to solve a range of problems.

We approach mathematics using a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to help children truly secure their understanding of mathematical concepts.  

As a school, we follow an adapted version of the White Rose scheme of learning as well as their premium resources to ensure that a breadth and depth of knowledge is taught.  We ensure that children use concrete materials to embed and secure their learning before moving on to pictorial and abstract approaches to mathematics.  Teachers use the White Rose calculation policy (see below) to support choosing the best concrete materials and to promote consistency across the school.  

We use the White Rose progression maps (see below for more information) to support with teachers' planning and sequencing of lessons.  The use of these progression maps ensure that teachers are fully aware of the knowledge their lessons are building upon as well as the key end points that their lessons are paving the way to.  

Teachers have access to a range of resources to support and supplement their teaching such as Testbase, NCETM mastery resources etc.

To support children with becoming fluent with their times tables, we use Times Table Rockstars to engage and promote times tables across the school.