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Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Further information for parents may be found in Guidance for full opening of schools  and on the Department for Education website.

Please click here for information from Enfield Council on Covid 19

Covid-19 Related Absence from school quick guide and chart



1. Minimising contact with those unwell

2. Cleaning hands

3. Ensuring good respiratory hygiene

4. Enhance cleaning

5. Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) whee appropriate

6. Managing confirmed Covid-19 cases in the school community

7. Containing outbreaks

8. Minimising contact and maintaining social distancing between individuals 

9. Supporting individual staff and pupils at increased risk

10. Ensuring contingency planning


For further information and guidance contained on this website please click here



  Class Name Attendance % WB 5/07/2021 Phase Winners
Phase 1 Sweet Peas 88.377%  
Caterpillars 91.76%  
Strawberries 95% WINNERS!
Phase 2 Buttercups 90.21%  
Sage 96.97% WINNERS!
Thyme 96.89%  
Phase 3 Saffron 96.82% WINNERS!
Lavender 94.55%  
Willow 93.33%  
Hazel 96.36%  
Orchard 92.59%  
Meadow 92.08%  
Whole school 93.72%  

Regular school attendance is so important if your child is to get the most from their school experience.

96% is the expected attendance level in all state schools so please work in partnership with us to achieve this.  

If your child is unable to come to school, it is your responsibility to inform us before the start of the school day.

Thank you!

This week our average attendance of 93.72% was below the expected percentage of 96%.




We aim to foster a love of learning that is built on fun, curiosity, challenge and aspirations.  

We are committed to all children being the best they can be and to ensuring that all at Suffolks feel successful.

We are amazed by every child's abilities and feel very privileged to join with our parents on each child's learning journey.

Andrea Cassius (Head Teacher)