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SRE (Sex and Relationships education)

At Suffolks our SRE curriculum is firmly embeded within our PHSE curriculum.  The aim of our teaching is to help our children to learn to respect themselves and others and to move with confidence from childhood through adolescence into adulthood.


The Department of Education recommends that all primary schools should have a sex and relationship programme which is tailored to the age and the physical and emotional maturity of the children.  In primary schools this programme should include

  1. changes in the body related to puberty
  2. when these changes are like to happen and how they can deal with the changes
  3. how a baby is conceived and born

Click here for the link to the Sex and Relationship Guidance (DFEE, 2000)

We use the Christopher Winter Project to help us deliver the SRE curriculum.  Click on this link to find out more; http://cwpresources.co.uk/home/