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Why is RE important? 

All primary schools need to “raise the status of RE” (Ofsted) and provide an RE curriculum which promotes respect and empathy.  RE is considered to be an important part of a child’s education, especially their early education, because it allows young people to develop an understanding of their own and others beliefs and values.  It helps children understand the place of religion and belief in the world.  The teaching of RE is also important because it contributes educationally to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils, whether or not they are from a religious tradition.

Which world religions do we study?

From Year 1 through to Year 6, our children learn about a variety of the world religions.  These include Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Sikhism.  Over the course of the academic year, each year group in both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two covers at least four of the religions.  Within this, they study a particular topic, theme or festival associated with that religion.  During the following years, children will revisit the religions but will unpick another aspect of it.  For example, in Year 3 children study Hinduism and focus on ‘Divali'.  These children will then revisit Hinduism in Year 4 studying ‘Living as a Hindu.' before covering, ‘The Hindu Community’, for the final time in Year 6.  This theme of teaching is carried out for all of the 6 religions studied.  Throughout both Key Stages children are given the opportunity to not only learn about the individual religions but are encouraged to discuss and think about their similarities and differences with other religions at the same time.

Educational Visits

At Suffolks we think it is important for children to visit many places of worship.  It allows for them to gain a wider understanding of different communities and how each place works.  They do not take part in any kind of religious traditions and are there solely to be educated on its purpose and role as a place of worship.  Over their whole school career the children will have the chance to visit all 6 places of worship that we study.  For a more detailed plan please click on the link below. 

To see the Curriculum Map for RE click on the link below.

  1. Suffolks Primary School RE trip overview
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