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PE at Suffolks

PE in our Curriculum

At Suffolks we share the belief and understanding that there is a positive association between academic attainment and physical activity levels of children, and that pupils with better health and wellbeing are likely to achieve better academically (Public Health England, 2014)

This page and the sidetabs give an overview of how and why we give our pupils high quality physical activity in curriculum time.

Each class is timetabled to have one PE lesson a week. Sometimes we have to be flexible if the hall is being used for play rehearsals or special events but that’s all part of life in a busy primary school! We try to get outside for PE in all weathers and make sure the children stay warm and active in the cold.

The National Curriculum for PE is covered at school through the Enfield Scheme of Work for PE. This covers all aspects of the National Curriculum from Early Years up to Year 6. As you will see in the PE overview the children are taught a huge range of skills and given opportunities to use lots of different equipment.

Lessons are taught by Carolyn and Adam, specialist PE Teaching Assistant, who mostly teach and support NQTs in PE lessons.  

In addition to our PE lessons, we also do daily (20 minutes) ‘Precision PE’ – Skill based activity using a variety of equipment, related to the PE lesson that term . 

These plans show how we give our pupils a broad and balanced PE curriculum throughout the year at Suffolks.