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At Suffolks we follow an adapted version of the White Rose scheme of learning. Teachers use this scheme as a starting point while planning maths.  To ensure coverage, and to plan for gaps in knowledge and challenge, teachers also use our maths assessment sheets, which detail the expected standards for each year group in maths.

We follow Enfield's calculation policy guidance while teaching calculation methods in maths.  Links to these documents are available below.

Why is maths important?

Maths is essential in everyday life. When leaving primary school, children need to have sound numeracy and the ability to reason and enquire mathematically. Curiosity and pleasure in maths drive science, technology and engineering, and are essential to understanding and development in these areas. For everyone, numeracy is critical in securing employment and managing money.

  1. Enfield LA Calculation Policy
  2. Enfield LA Mental Calculation Guidance