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Head Injury Information

The symptoms of a severe head injury can include:

·       Unconsciousness, either very briefly (concussion)  or for a longer period of time

·       Difficulty staying awake or being sleepy several hours after the injury art

·       Having a seizure of fit (when your body suddenly moves uncontrollably)

·       Difficulty speaking, such as slurred speech

·       Vision problems or double vision

·       Difficulty understanding what people say

·       Reading or writing problems

·       Balance problems or difficulty walking

·       Loss of power in part of the body, such as weakness in an arm or leg

·       Amnesia  (memory loss), such as not being able to remember what happened before or
        after the injury

·       Clear fluid leaking from the nose or ears (this could be cerebrospinal fluid, which
        normally surrounds the brain)

·       A black eye (with no other damage around the eye)

·       Bleeding from one or both ears

·       New deafness (loss of hearing) in one or both ears

·       Bruising behind one or both ears

·       A lasting headache since the injury

·       Vomiting since the injury

·       Irritability or unusual behaviour

·       Visible trauma (damage) to the head, such as an open, bleeding wound

If any of these symptoms are present, particularly loss of consciousness, even for a short time, immediately go to the accident and emergency (A&E) department of your local hospital or call 999 and ask for an ambulance.