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Feedback for CLT work

"Thank you so much for accommodating the NQTs. I was planning with them in the afternoon of the day  that they visited and they spoke very highly of lesson and of the school as a whole.  Many thanks for sorting that out."

"The CLT from Suffolks has guided me through aspects of planning, assessment, teaching and marking.  Every effort has been made to be a supportive role model by observing my teaching, giving me positive and constructive feedback and giving me the opportunity to watch effective teaching.  I feel much more confident in my teaching and I have been able to see the benefits of the advice through my class's progress and their attitude towards their learning."  

"Since working with the CLT from Suffolks, I can say that I have grown in confidence and feel I am now equipped to accelerate the learning of my children.  I have felt truly supported in every aspect of the process and I am very grateful for the help and support I have been given."
"Thank you so much for organising this morning.  I really enjoyed being in the lesson, and it was lovely to see the children so enthused about their writing.  I plan to implement something similar as soon as possible as I can see it has had an excellent impact on the children's writing."
"The atmosphere in the school and the classroom was so calm and I also will be implementing the use of music in my lessons to act as a stimulus for writing."
"Thank you very much for attending the session yesterday.  We were very impressed by the quality of work and standards achieved.  Thank you!"