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Educational Visits

Visits and outings are an important part of the extended curriculum.  Pupils are given opportunities to visit places of interest, both locally and further afield, throughout the school year.

Contributions from parents help to fund school outings, the main expense being the high cost of travel to venues.

The school carries out a written risk assessment before taking children out on visits and ensures that there are adequate numbers of adults to accompany classes. Special arrangements are made for individual children wherever appropriate so that all children are able to benefit from taking part in visits.

SUFFOLKS PRIMARY SCHOOL Activity Overview - Year 2016/2017


Letters for current Trips

Year 2 Trip to Museum of London 1.12.16

Year 3/4/5 Cinema Trip 10.11.16

Year 2 Cinema Trip 22.11.16

Year 5 Trip to Science Museum 2.12.16