We are a community of learners working together creatively
to achieve excellence, enjoyment and life long learning

Curriculum Rationale

Suffolks Primary Curriculum Rationale

At Suffolks Primary we believe that the curriculum is a powerful tool that promotes a love of learning and willingness to explore and the time to have fun.

We are proud to use the new 2014 National Curriculum as a starting point for a wide and varied learning experience for our children.

We enrich it by our strong ethos based on respect for ourselves and others, equality and a sense of wonder at the world we live in.

We are committed to developing the whole child.

Our children will have the opportunity to be creative, to be physically active and to be academically challenged.

We are continually reviewing and improving the curriculum we offer to our children.

The curriculum at Suffolks Primary School is evolving according to the needs of our children and to the aspirations of the staff and community