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Changes to our school day

We thought it would be useful to have a page on the website dedicated to the changes of our school day.

We have and will continue to  put all the letters and information sheets that we have sent parents as well as updates on how the trial is going.

We  also have a link to a parent questionnaire that will be open throughout the trial for you to comment on what is working well and what needs to be improved.  Please click on the link below.

We have held a number of meetings with parents and below our the common questions raised and answers

Q What about sports clubs?  When will they start?

This was dependent on how many children would need to stay until 3.15pm.  We now know that we will be able to run sports clubs from 2.30.  A full list of the clubs will be sent to you in the Autumn term and you will need to sign up to secure your child's place.

Q What kind of activity clubs will you provide and will they be paid for or free?

We will be running three different types of activity clubs for Y2 to Y6.  They will be 1 sports activity, 1 ICT and 3 Variety (this will be a selection of creative, construction, board games, puzzles and will develop once we have the children in and know what they would like)

All TA run activity clubs will be free from September.  We will review this in April 2018 once the new school budget has been set and if we face any more reductions.

Q Will the cost of tea time club stay the same?  What time will it begin?

Tea time club will begin at 2.30, however if the children would like to stay in class to take part in the activities they will be able to.  We will review this after half a term and let you know how this is going.  Tea time club will be the same cost until April 2018 when we review the budget.  We will let you know if there will be any changes.

Q Will the children get less teaching time?

No the teaching time will be exactly the same

See example of Year 6 from September 

Before Changes  After Changes                   
8.45 - 12.15 (minus 15 mins for breaktime) 3 hours 15 mins 8.45 - 12.00 (no breaktime) 3 hours 15 mins
1.15 - 3.15 2 hours  12.30 - 2.30 2 hours 
Total teaching time 5 hours 15 mins 5 hours 15 mins 

Q What are the pupils views on the change?

The majority of children do not want to reduce their lunch playtime.  They would rather the teachers did not do their planning when they are in school

For the full results see Pupil Zone > results 

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