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At Suffolks we have worked as part of a borough working party to develop a new model of assessment that measures attainment and tracks progress for all pupils.  We have been pleased to share our practice with other schools, and work alongside them to refine an effective assessment model.

Regarding assessment, we have shared practice and strategies in the following ways:

  • Contributed to the development of a borough assessment model through the working party.
  • Shared our practice and model with the Enfield Town Partership.
  • Shared our assessment model with:

- Carterhatch

- Houndsfield

- Southbury

- Addison House

  • We were also one of six schools in the borough to share our assessment model at the Assessment Conference in December 2014.

We continue to share and work alongside these schools and parterships, and are currently in the process of building exemplar files that can be used to moderate assessment across schools.