We are a community of learners working together creatively
to achieve excellence, enjoyment and life long learning


Please click on the link below to see our Art overview.

Art at Suffolks

At Suffolks we encourage all children to be as creative as possible.

“We are a community of learners working together creatively to achieve excellence enjoyment
and lifelong learning. “

The teaching of art in school is based on a set of art skills known simply as the ‘I can’
statements for art. These are based on the revised National Curriculum and also using the
age specific skills for each age range. Teachers plan and deliver a board and varied art curriculum that they link to their current topic. This ensures that the children are practicing their art skills
in as meaningful a way as possible.

We also use a scheme called Art Express which is used to supplement the skills based approach.

We offer a lunchtime and after school club to help encourage our mini artists.

The amazing children at Suffolks have shown time and again that they are capable of producing some fantastic pieces of art using a range of materials.

Please make sure that you regularly check the art link on our website to see some of this amazing work. 

We also love to link our art through other subjects.  Click on the link titled Art overview including DT and Humanities to see how we merge them together.

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  2. Updated art skills document Art
  3. Art overview including DT and Humanities