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Suffolks PE Premium 2014-2015 – with notes on the impact of this spending (notes added October 2015)
Comments in green refer to areas we must continue to maintain and develop.

Last year (2013-2014) we allocated most of our PE Premium towards developing a dedicated PE team at Suffolks. We now have some skilled and enthusiastic teaching assistants who are released to work and develop alongside teachers and the PE subject leader in supporting PE lessons and organising extra-curricular clubs. Through their valuable input and support, continuity, progression and understanding of physical development is much improved throughout the school. We also subsidised after school clubs run by outside agencies and increased the number and variety of after school sports on offer. In an average week we now have around 150 children staying after school to enjoy participating in sport, learning new skills and for many, taking part in competitions.

This year we have allocated the PE Premium to several focus areas. Within the curriculum we are developing teaching and learning in PE in the Early Years by implementing a new Enfield scheme of work and we have used the funding to purchase a full set of high quality PE equipment specifically for them. Full set of equipment was purchased and is now securely stored in EYFS area. 2 members of staff attended the EYFS PE conference and Enfield s.o.w is being used. Classes are taught in groups of 15 using the support of one of our PE HLTAs. Equipment is used on a daily basis in small groups. CPD for new members of staff in EYFS must be arranged for 2015-16 and beyond.

We are trialling our own swimming programme, and as part of this, the funding is enabling Fiona and Carolyn to be trained to support and eventually deliver swimming lessons at our local special school. This is an exciting project which we are sure will have positive outcomes for our pupils. Whilst the premium was not used for the hire of the pool or swimming teacher at Waverley School, it did enable 2 members of staff to receive CPD in supporting swimming lessons and provide a more beneficial and enjoyable experience for our Year 5 pupils. Evidence of achievement has been gathered. Data has been analysed against pupil premium and pupils shared their feedback with us. The success rate of children learning to swim and becoming more confident in the water, and the overwhelmingly positive response to their swimming experience has led us to continue with the programme. We are looking for future opportunities to give our Year 5’s a greater number of lessons and to expand swimming to other year groups and continue to build on our staff CPD in swimming.

To improve the quality of teaching and learning in other areas of the PE curriculum we are purchasing some high quality equipment to give our pupils the opportunities to experience the ‘real thing’, such as athletics, tennis and basketball. We are also ensuring that the Outdoor and Adventurous Activity requirements of the PE curriculum will be met by purchasing resources to enable teachers and pupils to fully access it and enjoy being active in our amazing outdoor environment at Suffolks. New sets of equipment were purchased and have been put to good use in PE lessons and at after-school clubs. It ensures that there is enough equipment for all of our pupils to practice specific skills in PE. Our pupils are well prepared for competitions and festivals through use of high quality equipment and high quality coaching. This is evident through the success we have achieved in many competitions (see Sporting Year scrapbook, school newsletters and website). Outdoor & Adventurous Activity Resources have been created and organised for each year group. These were introduced to staff in a September 2015 inset and are included in our PE curriculum overview as a teaching requirement. Fiona to monitor the teaching of OAA, do regular stock checks on PE resources and ensure teachers are confident in using them.

Several extra-curricular projects will benefit from the PE Premium this year. The employment of a football coach at lunchtimes will provide behaviour management support; encourage fair play through being a positive role model and inclusion by making sure football is accessed by everyone who wants to play. Coach Rosco was with us for 2 terms and made a positive impact on lunchtime football, ensuring all pupils felt included and training Y6 in supporting younger children. This support needs to continue with the development of healthy, active lunchtimes in 2015-2016 e.g. having Year 6 sports leaders running clubs and training lunchtime play leaders.

We have exciting plans for the summer to mark out our playground. This will encourage more active play in a variety of sports and activity zones, and further improve PE lessons by having clear grids and zones for our pupils to work in. Some of the PE Premium will be put towards these markings. Several quotes were obtained. After a set-back with one company we are now set to go ahead with the markings in the autumn term 2015.

As last year, we will use the premium to work in partnership with Enfield PE and benefit from all the CPD, competitions and festivals they offer. We will make sure our staff have access to relevant high quality training to continue our mission to be competent and confident in delivering PE. We want to maintain our status as being a school of best practice and are willing to put in the time, effort and funding needed in order to make this happen. Throughout the year we accessed 25 competitions or festivals, enabling over 180 pupils to represent the school. 15 CPD courses provided by the Enfield PE Team were attended by 13 members of staff. 2 CPD courses were hosted by Suffolks Primary School. Fiona continues to have release time to support NQTs and teachers in teaching high quality PE. Our participation in competitions and festivals needs to be maintained, with at least as many pupils representing the school next year.

Click on the document below to see a table detailing the PE Premium spend for 2014-2015 and the impact it has had.

  1. PE Premium spend plan 2014-2015