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Suffolks Primary PE and Sport Premium Case Study (written for DfE, 2013)

At Suffolks Primary our motto is ‘From Great to Amazing’ and PE and sport in our school community is no exception to this. Our plans for the sport premium will enable PE teaching to go from strength to strength and the health and physical wellbeing of our pupils to be a lynchpin to our success in the long term.

Much of the sport premium has been allocated to developing a PE Team at Suffolks. We now have three enthusiastic teaching assistants who are being released to work and develop alongside the PE subject leader in supporting PE lessons. The insight they have started to gain into the physical development of our pupils from the early years through to Year 6 will ensure that pupils’ physical needs are better met. Through their valuable input in evaluating and planning lessons, continuity and progression will be happening throughout the school.

We believe that in order to gain a full picture of our pupils, teachers should be involved in their physical development and be seen as role models for health and physical well-being. Our PE team are being given time to plan high quality lessons alongside the class teachers. We are currently focusing our efforts on the teaching of gymnastics and providing some in-house training on an excellent scheme of work, devised by the Enfield PE team. The plans and on-going specialist TA support we are now able to offer our teachers is giving them the skills to teach gymnastics confidently. The purchase of iPads or FlipCams for use in PE is going to enhance PE teaching by allowing instant evaluation and assessment opportunities and the sharing of video clips at staff meetings will provide an insightful overall picture of our pupils and their physical development.

The Enfield PE Team is providing a host of exciting CPD opportunities this year for teachers and support staff. We are using part of the sport premium to send staff on courses to up-skill and inspire them.

The premium is enabling us to revitialise our Take10 programme. Every day, every child has the opportunity to practice agility, balance and co-ordination skills. New activity bags full of practical equipment are being rotated around the classrooms. A few minutes of vigorous activity followed by individual skill-practice will improve their physical fitness, co-ordination and concentration levels.

Some of the premium will be used to subsidise after-school sports clubs. Whilst teachers offer clubs at no cost, we are keen to offer more and give all of our pupils the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports clubs before and after school. We are going to use some outside coaches but subsidise the cost for our pupils. Some children, perhaps underprivileged or least active at school may be offered a ‘voucher’ to come along for free.

The potential of the sports premium to enhance the teaching of PE at Suffolks and to offer our pupils some amazing opportunities to participate and, most importantly, to enjoy being physically active is immense and we are carefully tailoring our plans to create a long lasting impact. We are excited to begin seeing and experiencing the positive outcomes it will have on our school community.

  1. PE funding action plan 2013-2014