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Blue Plaque Presentation - Forty Hall 7.5.17



As part of their History week activities all classes at Suffolks researched current Blue Plaque heroes. They then nominated their own Blue Plaque hero based on the contribution these people made / make to the local community. 

We worked with Art Start Artist Sam to design and make a Blue Plaque Mosaic of our nominated Blue Plaque champion. We nominated Jan Hickman who is the person responsible for Sport, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyles in Enfield. She was responsible for introducing our Take 10 sporting programme,  encouraged our sports team to bring in coaches, linked us to local groups, promoted the Olympic and our school core values and helped to get our playground marking and much much more ... 

To represent the other Blue Plaque Heroes nominated by the classes we made copper tree biscuit plaques. The Plaques can all be seen on our Dining Hall outside wall. Please come and take a look, we are very proud of them.