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 On Thursday 28th September, Glenn Stewart, the assistant director for public health joined our assembly to give our poster winners their prizes.

We had over 100 entries to this competition and all of the children showed just how aware they are of the damage smoking and passive smoking can cause to their bodies.

Our 3rd place winner wad Debbie who won a £25 voucher.

Our 2nd place winner was Octavian who won a £50 voucher.

And in 1st place...

Keyzell who won and amazing ipad mini!

Keyzell's poster will be made into a huge banner that will be displayed at the front of the school to remind people not to smoke at the school gates. 

Congratualtions to all our winners and a big thank you to all of the parents who are supporting us with this really important campaign to ensure that our children are kept as healthy as possible and not being put in any danger of passive smoking.

  1. no smoking winner 1st
  2. no smoking winner 2nd
  3. no smoking winner 3rd