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Geography Fieldwork Week

This half term, all of our Key Stage 2 classes have had a very unique opportunity to work with the Love The Lea organisation and do some geography fieldwork outside of school. This fieldwork involved travelling to a local water site to observe the affects of pollution on the environment. Our first task was to locate where we were on a map and use a compass to check which direction North was in. Following on from this, we carried out a survey of different types of litter found in the river. You would not believe the types of litter we saw! As well as bottles and take away packets, we observed an old radiator and printer that had been thrown in! It shocked us that not everyone takes as much responsibility for their local environment as we do. 

To finish the session, we took a sample of water from the river and tested its phosphate levels. We enjoyed this because we felt like scientists. After putting on some very cool rubber gloves, we had to use a pipette to place the water sample into a test tube. Next, we put the phosphate tablet into the water and gave it a good shake up. This allowed us to measure the amount of pollution present in the water.

I really enjoyed the session because I learnt lots about rivers and things I didn't know before. - Adam (Willow Class). 

Keep your eyes peeled in the early part of the Summer Term as our Key Stage One classes will also be in for a geography fieldwork treat!