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Trip to the Museum of London with Year 5!

On Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st October, our two Year 5 classes went on a trip to the Museum of London Docklands. This was to introduce us to our upcoming Victorian topic. The morning started with a walk around the Docklands area to see which buildings are left from the Victorian era. Next, we went down to the Thames foreshore to conduct an archaeological investigation. Our findings were astonishing! Willow Class found a 3000-5000 year old prehistoric tool! Hazel Class' prize find was a Victorian key which we think would have belonged to a dock worker. In addition to these findings, we also collected Victorian clay bottle fragments, pipe fragments, oyster shells, nails from a Victorian ship and some animal teeth.

In the afternoon, back at the museum, we located the West Indies on a map to familiarise ourselves with the trade routes of the West India Company. A highlight was walking through Sailortown, a life sized Victorian street! The day finished with smelling some of the different imported supplies that would have arrived in England from the West Indies during that time.

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