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History Week with Year 6!

Just before half term was 'Our History Week' at Suffolks! Each class chose a theme or event about either Enfield or London as this meets our local history strand of the humanities curriculum. Foundation Stage explored people from their childhood and matched up baby photos with adult photos. KS1 examined photos from the past and present and compared them. Year 2 took this one step further by learning about our Queen and Buckingham Palace. Over in KS2, Year 3 chose a very relevant current event by learning about the Gunpowder Plot. Years 4 and 5 chose London as a theme and learned all about famous London landmarks and how important the Docklands were. Last but not least, Year 6 linked their history week to their current WW2 topic. Each class followed a recipe to create some wartime chocolate spread using ingredients that would have been rationed! Pop over to each class' photo gallery to see what they were up to! 

"I learnt that when the flag goes up, it means the Queen is in her house." - Suzanne (Bluebells Class, Year 2)

"I enjoyed learning about Buckingham Palace because it was the hardest to make." - Felix (Saffron Class, Year 4)

"It was very emotional because we learnt about how people used to be treated very unfairly (during WW2), especially in Poland." - Iman (Orchard Class, Year 6)