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District Sports Team Triumph on the Track!

Our young athletes gave it everything they had got in their races and accumulated enough points to WIN the competition. We couldn’t be prouder of them! They showed determination, skill , strength and fantastic team spirit – cheering each other on all afternoon.

Thank you also to our helpers and parents who were there– your support was much appreciated!

The children who won their races will be returning to Lea Valley next Wednesday to compete in the finals. GOOD LUCK to:

Poppy (800m)
Mekhi (hurdles and Y5 relay)
Shakane (150m and Y5 relay) 
Wendy (Y5 hurdles)
Cynthia (Y6 150m)
Hugor (Y6 80m)
Re’yo (Y4 hurdles)
Amia (Y3 hurdles)
Vicky (Y3  50m)
Jameel (Y5 relay)
Tyreece (Y5 relay)