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Suffolks Tigers WIN!!

We are on our way to this year's Balfour Beatty London Youth Games 2015 in Crystal Palace! 
Check out some of our highlights below from the Enfield 3 on 3 competition.

The Tigers roared loud and hard this year! They smashed the Enfield 3 on 3 competition! They will now represent the borough of Enfield. The A team came 1st place and the B team came 3rd place. Both teams played amazingly well!

Scoring: each basket scored, counts for 1 point.

Team A Stats

8  Suffolks v Chesterfield 1
10 Suffolks v Salcombe Prep 1
6  Suffolks v Hazelwood 1
6  Suffolks v Vita et Pax 2
6  Suffolks v Oakthorpe 6

Semi Finals
8  Suffolks v Merryhills 1


11 Suffolks v Oakthorpe 2

Team B Stats 

5  Suffolks v Fleecefield 2
5  Suffolks v Vita et Pax 2
4 Suffolks v St John & St James 1
5  Suffolks v Merryhills 5
0  Suffolks v Salcombe Prep 2

Click on the image below to see all the photos from the event!

This year, Suffolks set the standards by far! Suffolks has now won the Enfield 3 on 3 inter-school competition for the third time round! 20102012 and 2015.