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Year 3 became Romans

Trip to the Verulamium

This term in Year 3 we went on a wonderful trip to the Verulamium Museum; a museum of everyday life in Roman Britain in St. Albans. The children had a fantastic time and really enjoyed their day out. They learned lots of interesting information about the Romans and came back buzzing with fun facts! It was a real worthwhile trip that really broadened the children’s knowledge around their topic. They were lucky enough to be able to visit an 1800 year old hypocaust – this was the Roman version of central heating and saw a mosaic that was from a real Roman villa. They were also able to explore Roman artefacts during a ‘handling’ session, where they were able to look at the Roman versions of our everyday objects. Last of all there was a museum walkabout where we were able to explore how life was back then. We looked at how they made a living; the beautiful coins and markets that they traded in; how they lived at home and then finally we looked at some wonderful examples of mosaics. Some children took the chance to design their own mosaics, whilst others designed their own Roman coins. Others took the opportunity to dress up like a Roman soldier, or a Roman man or woman! It was a great day out and one which will be remembered fondly. By the end of it, many of the children were exhausted – a sign of a great day filled with excitement, we’re sure of it!

Click here to see some photos from Sage Class and click here to see some photos from Thyme Class.