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Year 4 Trips

On Friday 7th November, Year 4 went into London to see the Tower of London poppies. We were amazed by the sight of 888,246 of them! Each poppy represents a Commonwealth soldier who lost their life in World War One. After lunch, we went on board HMS Belfast. We loved exploring the different decks and seeing the mess decks, shell rooms, operating theatre, dentist, galley and the bridge. At the end of the afternoon, we had the very rare opportunity of seeing the big guns being fired. Jamie from Saffron Class had the privilege of actually firing one of them!
On Monday 10th November, Year 4 visited the Imperial War Museum. We saw lots of artefacts from the first world war including gas masks, weapons, uniforms, planes and tanks. We even got to try some of the uniforms on and walk through a life sized trench! After lunch, we saw the First World War art exhibition and recognised many of the Paul Nash and Christopher Nevinson paintings we have been recreating in class. One of the most impressive things we saw was the very famous 'Gassed' painting by John Singer Sargent. It takes up an entire wall and shows the effect gas had on soldiers.
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